Renting out your flat has never been easier!lifelife finds the right tenants for your rental property while saving you money.

Why lifelife

Save Over 80% in Reletting Fees

Avoid expensive letting costs using lifelife. Our pricing plans are fixed and transparent, bringing you better returns on your property investment.

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Get an attractive listing

We take care of all of the hard work for you, such as taking professional photos and videos, and creating a 3D floor plan. Choose lifelife, and give your flat the listing it deserves in order to get the best tenants possible.

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Find a reliable tenant quickly

We streamline and digitise many steps in the property-rental life cycle, enabling us to find you the best tenants at short notice.

Put your feet up, but stay in control!

By using our service you can monitor the progress of the entire rental life cycle. You can even see all the potential candidates and choose your favorite tenant with a click of a button, it’s that easy!

How it works


You create the listing

By using our easy-to-use listing feature, you can submit your flat in a matter of seconds. Try it out, it really is that easy!


We do a photoshoot and create a 3d floor plan

We believe that photos are the face of your flat, which is why we trust our professional photographers to bring out the best in every flat.


We market your listing

We list your flat on the big real-estate websites, such as ImmobilienScout24, to maximise visibility.


We take care of the communication and conduct viewings

Put your feet up and relax. Our rental process is simple but effective. We manage all incoming inquiries and communications related to your property.


We assess the tenants

Lifelife provides you a shortlist of ideal tenants and lets you pick the best one.


We provide you with the contract

We will provide you the rental contract that suits your needs.


You sign the contract with the tenant of your choice

Your happy new tenant is now ready to move in. Lifelife manages the entire rental life cycle of your flat so that you can sit back and relax.


We believe in our service!

You'll find an excellent tenant using our service. Just follow the easy listing process below, and we will take care of the rest. Finding the dream tenant for your flat is just a few steps away.

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List your flat

  • Professional photos of your flat in 48 hours
  • Crisp and detailed 3D floorplans of your flat
  • A top selection of tenants
  • Listing on ImmobilienScout24
  • Scheduling of tenant viewings
  • Organised flat viewings
  • Creation of the final rental contract